Our core belief at Fleur de Vie Branding is that conscious branding and marketing is the realization of your highest potential. It is the essence of you, your brand, or your company that drives connection to your core audience, and we have a knack for identifying and nurturing what is truly special and engaging about you


I am Haley Melikian, Founder of Fleur de Vie Branding. Over the course of the past decade, I have had the privilege of working with some of the nation's top brands (American Honda, Corona, WORLDZ) and business moguls (P. Diddy, Russel Simmons), which has equipped me with a highly specialized skill set that is a marriage of creativity, authenticity, and analytics. 

In the world of marketing, you are lucky to find people and brands that you not only personally believe in but also make a positive impact, and so I can see now that every opportunity I've been given in the past has led me here: helping people that inspire me make impactful marketing choices that express their highest intention.